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EBAR6-1 6 way earth bar
EBAR8 earth bar 8 way EBAR8-1 8 Way earth bar

  • Efficient and convenient way of providing a common earth point
  • Available in a variety of size options and optional single disconnecting point
  • Manufactured from 50mm x 6mm C101 solid copper
  • High quality GRP insulators
  • All fixings are M10 x 35mm solid brass
  • Earth bars supplied on a galvanised steel 'top hat' section for ease of mounting.

Key Features
  • Common earthing point
  • Available with single disconnecting point
  • Manufactured usng C101 solid copper
  • All fixings solid brass
  • Supplied mounted on galvanised steel
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Part Number
EBAR6 6 way Earth Bar
EBAR6-1 6 way Earth Bar with single disconnecting point
EBAR8 8 way Earth Bar
EBAR8-1 8 way Earth Bar with single disconnecting point